• Sports Treatments
    Feel better, perform better.

    Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Cupping, Aroma-Sport and our Post Workout, Workout!

    Massage helps ease fatigue and increase flexibility. This in turn can reduce your chance of injury.

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  • Health & Wellbeing Massages
    Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Student Study Helper and more.

    We have a wide range of relaxing massage treatments. From Indian head massages through to massages for aches and pains. For our full range of Health and Wellbeing massages. Find out more.

  • Corporate Massage
    Employers and Employees reap the benefits.

    15-30 minutes of massage therapy focusing on the neck, shoulders head and arms – areas that typically suffer from an office environment in particular.

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  • Pre and Post Event Massage
    Get the best out of your effort.

    Improve circulation, mental focus and flexibility before an event and alleviate stiffness and soreness after an event, helping to return to training faster.

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We think our services our great, but don't take our word for it, here are some happy clients...

Noeleen 52Sam 35Richard 42Philip 48Ronan 24Laura 34
Like so many people, I came to Shirin suffering from constantly painful back and shoulders, and a VERY stiff neck – all the product of poor posture and the stresses and stains of office life!  She is unflappable, and has worked relentlessly to help solve the knots and stiffness.  And providing with me with practical advice to prevent further occurrences.  In addition to being very good at her job, and easing my pain, she is helping ensure that I am back in good condition.  I cannot recommend Shirin enough for her client manner, intense professionalism and in depth knowledge.  I have not looked back since going to her.
Noeleen 52
I am a mother of three young children and don’t get time out for myself very often, but when I do there is nothing I enjoy more then going to Shirin for a massage. She works out all my knots and tension, but at the same time creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere for me to unwind in.
Sam 35
I drive a lot with my job and as a result I get a lot of lower back and neck pain. Shirin knows where to find the tension and ease it out, she is always pleasant and smiling when I arrive for my treatments.
Richard 42
I have been coming to Shirin for 12 months now for remedial massage on my back and legs. I find her massages excellent and I get great benefit from my bi-weekly sessions.
Philip 48
I play a lot of rugby and as a winger I am prone to feeling a lot of tightness in my hamstrings. Shirin was recommended to me by a friend, she really helps ease them out and always gives me feedback that I find very helpful for my training and getting to know my own body better.
Ronan 24
Shirin uses a really great combination of strong sports massage with the relaxing elements of aromatherapy - a winning combo for me! I get the release I need from built up tension but also the relaxation from the bespoke aromatherapy oils that Shirin uses. I'd highly recommend regular visits for all other hard working and stressed out people out there!
Laura 34