Sports Events Massage

We are available to come to sporting events to provide pre and post event massage. We provide our own equipment, so all you need to do is provide a space for us to set up. 

We also like to support charities and set aside a few spaces each year to come along to support charity-sporting events (such as marathons and triathlons) and offer our services free of charge.

What is pre and post event massage and how can it help performance?

Pre-event Massage

This is a short, specific treatment given before (anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours before) a sports event. The aim of the massage is to help increase your circulation, flexibility and mental preparation in order to try and optimise your performance. 

A pre-event sports massage does not replace your warm up, but complements it.  It is important for your massage therapist to know your sport or activity and what muscles are likely to be used the most.  It is also useful to assess your athletic condition and needs well prior to the event. The pre-event massage is not the time or place to be performing deep or remedial treatment. We work with you in keeping your sports goal in mind at all times.

Post-event Massage

The main goal of post event massage is to assist in bringing the soft tissues back to pre-event state.

The body is being pushed harder during an event than while training for example, during a marathon most runners run a greater distance during the event than they have run during their training. 

The post- event massage aims to restore muscle tone and flexibility, improve circulation and flush out areas of congestion,  This then can allow quicker recovery and a prompt return to training without the usual stiffness and soreness.