Our Sports Massage Treatments

Massage and sport are closely linked with similar effects and benefits. A light massage is equivalent to gentle exercise. And a deeper tissue massage is equivalent to a good work out. Sports massage is a deep form of massage that addresses problems and imbalances in the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons & ligaments).  These problems can be caused by repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. Sports massage and the techniques used are not just aimed at the sporting population, the benefits are far reaching and can help many common muscleoskeleteal complaints such as pain and tension in the neck and shoulders from sitting at a desk for work.

In the area of sport and fitness, sports massage can have many uses:

  • Pre-event massage as part of a warm-up.
  • Post-event massage can help speed up recovery as part of a cool down.
  • Conditioning massage can assist in the improvement of training through enhanced flexibility, range of movement and reduced tension.
  • Management of injuries/injury prevention: good management is essential for a quick return to sport and to reduce the risk of re-injury. Sports massage can help with this, as well as have a positive impact on the mind.

Through a through consultation each treatment is individually designed to the client and tailored to the sport or activity which they are involved in.

“Aroma-Sport” combines the speific benefits of sports massage with the healing properties of aromatherapy oils to help speed up recovery of torn muscle fibres and to decrease muscle spasm. It also uses gentle lymphatic drainage to boost the body’s immune system by aiding the process of detoxification.

Cupping massage is a modified version of cupping therapy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through the suction created by the cups, cupping massage can help facilitate the release and elimination of lactic acid from tight sore muscles, release rigid soft tissue, loosen adhesions and increase blood flow to the skin and muscles. Cupping has recently being seen in the public eye during the Rio 2016 Olympics, where athletes such as Michael Phelps and other members of Team U.S.A. were seen with the distinctive cupping marks.

Let us work out those tired and sore muscles – a great way to help remove lactic acid, loosen muscles and help improve quality of future workouts. This treatment can be tailored to the type of exercise you do, or the body part you have been training.