Corporate, Work Based Massage

For better productivity

Employee health and well-being is becoming much more common in the work place. Massage therapy can play a positive role in this through work based wellness programmes.

Massage in the work place is usually performed with the client seated on a portable specially designed ergonomic chair. The treatment times are usually between 15 and 30 mins.

The client is usually fully clothed and oil is generally not used, which makes it easier for the client to comfortably to go back to work.

The benefits of corporate massage include:

  • It can reduce muscle tension, calm the nervous system and by increasing circulation it can boost energy and alertness.
  • It can increase employee productivity and enhance loyalty.
  • It can bring about a good feeling within the work place and shows that the employer cares about the well being of its staff.
  • It can help reduce employee absenteeism.

In the clinic we offer a longer version of this type of massage that can further address the individual needs of employees: The Office Workers Aid.

The Office Workers' Aid

This massage focuses on the neck, shoulders, head and arms, working into areas of muscular tension, which can build up from sitting and working at a desk all day long.

This tailored treatment can help prevent, certain conditions such as tennis elbow and other RSI (repetitive strain injuries) such as carpel tunnel syndrome, and helps to balance out tension in the upper body.